XP Family of Dynamic Pressure Sensors recently been improved to offer better performance

The XP family of Dynamic Pressure Sensors has recently been improved to offer better performance, low torque shift on installation and glass to metal header to eliminate zero shifts from cable movement. The sensors are flush mount as standard, start at M4 thread size to M10 and all feature very high dynamic frequency response up to 150 kHz. The output is mV as standard with optional 4-20mA available.

The XPM4 & XP5 are manufactured in titanium offering great performance and material compatibility, ranged from 350 mBar to 1000 Bar in absolute, gauge or sealed gauge reference. XPC10 is a high temperature variant to 220 Deg C.

The whole family have additional options including IP ratings, cable lengths, calibration voltages and compensated temperature ranges. Custom designs are available on request for combined Pressure & Temperature output, Radiation resistant, Zero outgassing, Glue dispensing and Skydrol.

As market demand increased, stocked part and sub-assemblies have been increased on the XP family to allow custom configured parts to be manufactured in 4-5 weeks.

The Dynamic Pressure Sensor family offer Stainless Steel or Titanium material options, high frequency response to 150 KHz and mV or amplified output. New enhanced designs offer zero torque shift on installation and excellent zero stability making them suitable for OEM equipment where a very small flush mount size is desired such as plastic injection or glue dispensing.

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