Encapsulated & Waterproof Gauges

The encapsulated & waterproof gauges are specifically designed for moist/humid environments and are durable for long or short term monitoring applications for highway, rail, marine and structures. Temperature range: -40°C to +82°C. Our weldable waterproof strain gauges are foil strain gauges bonded onto stainless steel shims, pre-wired and protected with a moulded waterproofing material. The stainless steel shim permits easy field installation with any conventional capacitive discharge spot welder (50 watt-second typical). All quality checks are done in a controlled environment with 100% water immersion testing. Pressure checks can be made to 500 psi on certain models.

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Encapsulated & Waterproof Gauges

Axial weldable strain gauge

Three wire connection for low temp shift

  • Gauge length and resistance options
  • Waterproof encapsulation
  • 120-1000 ohms
  • Stainless steel shim

HBWC waterproof strain gauge chevron

90 degree rosette

  • Waterproof encapsulation
  • cable options
  • -45°C to +82°C
  • Weldable installation

Potted strain gauges

Rapid Installation for stress analysis

  • Fully Encapsulated
  • Custom designs
  • 1/4, 1/2 and full bridge
  • Wiring options

Waterproof double shear strain gauge

Weldable installation

  • Cable options
  • -45.5°C to 82°C
  • Half bridge
  • Compact design

Waterproof strain gauge rosette

Rosette for principal stress determination

  • -45.5°C to 82°C
  • 3 wire connection
  • Independent gauges
  • 120 to 1000 ohm

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