Multichannel Modular Signal Conditioner

The signal conditioners are designed for use with the Dewetron range of Date Acquisition equipment and are referred to in the DAQ section of the website. There are many different input/output options available for any sensor type. Each card normally accepts either 4 or 6 inputs and the systems can be infinitely expanded. An extremely powerful system.

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Multichannel Modular Signal Conditioner

Multichannel signal conditioner

Stand alone signal conditioning

  • 16 or 32 slot mainframes for DAQP signal conditioning modules
  • For control systems, A/D cards
  • Channel expansion for DEWETRON instruments
  • ±5 V or ±10 V output signals

Universal Input Module DAQP-STG

Analogue signal conditioning module

  • Bandwidth 300 kHz
  • Range of input types supported
  • High isolation
  • Internal bridge completion

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