Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

Piezocryst are a sister company to AVL based in Graz, developing sensor technologies aimed, but not limited to Ballistics, In-cylinder pressure on combustion engines, Aero and Power Turbines and Industrial process control, all used for accurate pressure measurement under conditions of extreme pressure and temperatures.

Piezocryst is one of the few companies worldwide that grow their own gallium phosphate (GaPO4) which is then processed into a high precision sensitive element. GaPO4 is probably the most suitable material for high performance piezoelectric pressure sensors, especially at elevated temperature.

All products are available with amplifiers, cable assemblies, insertion/extraction tools, fitting pastes and instrumentation.

Piezoelectric pressure sensors measure dynamic pressure even in extreme temperature environments, some to 850 Deg C. Pressures to 8000 Bar and above can be measured. Dynamic pressure measurements including turbulence, turbine and combustion require sensors with high sensitivity, environmental protection and long term stability. These capabilities include fast response, ruggedness, high stiffness, extended ranges, customisation.

Product also known as Piezoelectric sensor, piezoelectric transducer, piezo sensor, piezoelectric pressure sensor, piezo pressure sensor or piezoelectric pressure transducer. We openly display all of our resources, policies, terms and conditions.

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