Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensors

We have the largest offering of pressure transmitters and pressure transducers from well known brand names such as Measurement Specialties, TE Connectivity, Gems Sensors, STS Switzerland, Entran, Schaevitz and Metallux to ensure that we have the appropriate technical solution for your needs.

Pressure transducers offer a mV output and can be provided in many packages for differential pressure, heavy duty, miniature packages all with absolute pressure or gauge pressure references for a wide range of applications.

Pressure transmitters are amplified outputs but still available with absolute pressure or gauge pressure references. The pressure sensors are available for differential pressure, heavy duty, dynamic applications with a wide range of pressure ranges.

If you have an OEM requirement, or are looking for high temperature or dynamic pressure transducers, we can provide a technical solution on board mount, sensing elements, packaged transducers, Marine, ATEX, IECEx, Mining, Aerospace, Flight Testing, Food & Beverage, Test Benches for example.

We have multiple pressure sensor technologies such as CVD, Thin Film, Piezo Resistive, Bonded foil, Silicon of Sapphire which all have their strengths and weaknesses based on the application. Contact us for advice on any pressure sensor.

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