S-Type Load Cell

The S-Type Load Cell is a very common force sensor family which offer two different output options. We have the traditional 1-2 mV/V output versions which is proportional to the regulated supply voltage or higher output versions which allow the product to be a very high stiffness which offers compact designs and high cycle life (fatigue rated). Given the application information, we can address most technical challenges. All have several options available such as, integral connectors or cable glands, compensated temperature ranges, amplified output, ingress protection to IP68, various measurement ranges starting from 2Nm. All can be designed to suit your varied applications.

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S-Type Load Cell

SCE S type load cell

Standard S type load cell

  • Range 0-250KG to 0-20,000KG
  • Output 2 mV/V
  • Accuracy 0.03% full scale
  • Sealed to IP68

LCS Low capacity S cell

Low capacity S beam load cell

  • Range 0-10 to 0-100KG
  • Output 2 mV/V
  • Accuracy 0.05% full scale
  • Stainless Steel with cover plate

FN9620 standard version

S beam load cell, standard version

  • Ranges from ±500N to ±10,000N
  • Output 1 or 2 mV/V
  • Accuracy ±0.05% FS
  • -40 to 90°C temperature

FN3030 high accuracy

S-Beam Load Cell, 0.1% accuracy

  • Range 0-50 N to 100,000 N
  • Output 2 mV/V or voltage
  • Accuracy 0.1% full scale
  • Custom options

FN3060 fatigue testing

S beam load cell for fatigue testing

  • Range 0-250 N to 2500 N
  • Output 2 mV/V or voltage
  • Accuracy 0.1% full scale
  • Integral connector option

FN3148 high accuracy

S beam load cell with mechanical stops

  • Ranges 0-10 N to 2 000 N
  • Output 2 mV/V or voltage
  • Accuracy 0.05% full scale
  • Mechanical overload stops

FN3280 low range

S beam load cell, very low range

  • Ranges 0-1 N to 5 N
  • Output 1 mV/V to 1.5 mV/V
  • Accuracy 0.1% full scales
  • Very high resolution

FN7110 double range

Double range S-Beam Load Cell

  • Ranges 10/100 N to 1k/10k N
  • Output 2 mV/V or voltage
  • Accuracy 0.1% full scale
  • Dual ranges

FS09 Miniature S Cell

Low range Miniature load cell

  • Range 0-5, 0-10, 0-20 N
  • Output 1 mV/V or amplified
  • Accuracy 0.7% full scale
  • Compact small size

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