Annular Washer Load Cell

Annular Washer Load Cells force sensors, commonly known as washer loads or annular loads cells are highly sensitive and accurate sensors used to measure compressive forces. They are designed with an annular shape and are perfect for measuring forces in confined spaces, they are suitable for use in a wide range of research and industrial applications. Our Annular Washer Load Cells are of the highest quality, ensuring their reliability and durability. We can also offer customization options, such as different sizes, outputs, or mounting configurations, to suit your unique application requirements. Explore our range of Annular Washer Load Cells to find the ideal sensor for your project, or contact us today to discuss your application with one of our experts.

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Annular Washer Load Cell

FMT washer load cell

Washer, Annular load cell

  • Range 0-20kN to 0-320kN
  • Output 1.5 mV/V
  • Accuracy 1-5% full scale
  • High stiffness

XFL225D ultra flat

Annular, ultra flat load washer

  • Range 0-10N to 0-5 kN
  • Output 10 mV/V
  • Accuracy 1% full scale
  • Ultra flat, high stiffness

ALC Annular load cell

Annular load cell, force washer

  • Range 0-10kN to 0-200kN
  • Output 1 mV/V
  • Accuracy 0.5% full scale
  • Sealed IP66

TCC Through-Hole Compression

Thru hole compression cell

  • Range 0-100 to 0-2000N
  • Output 1 mV/V or Amplified
  • Accuracy <0.3% full scale
  • Miniature Design

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