Digital Modules

Input modules for counters, digital I/Os, IRIG sync, GPS (position, speed and timing).

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Digital Modules Products

Counter and Synchronization Module TRION-BASE

SKU: SS-9290

Counter, DIO and synchronization module

  • 8 DIO and 8 DI input channels
  • 2 advanced counters
  • Acquisition clock and trigger output
  • Sensor power supply 5V and 12V

Isolated advanced counter Module TRION-CNT-6-L1B

SKU: SS-9294

Isolated advance counter module

  • 6 counters and 18 digital inputs
  • Sampling 205 kS/s per channel
  • Multi-function counting
  • Sensor modes Encoder (angle & linear)

Timing and Synchronization Module TRION-TIMING

SKU: SS-9298

Timing and synchronization module

  • Timing input: GPS, PPS, IRIG
  • Timing output: Isolated IRIG
  • GPS position 1 Hz update rate
  • 8 x DIO, 1 x counter, 1 x AUX

Position, speed, displacement Module TRION-VGPS-20

SKU: SS-9303

Position, speed & displacement module

  • 8 channel CMOS/TTL
  • High accuracy speed and displacement
  • GPS or IRIG timing
  • 8 x DIO,  1 x CTR, 1 AUX

Digital input Module TRION-DI-48

SKU: SS-9364

48 channel digital input module

  • Isolated digital inputs
  • Sampling 205 kS/s per channel
  • Sensor power supply 5V non isolated
  • High isolation (channel/input)

Ethercat slave interface module

SKU: SS-9367

Slave interface Ethercat module

  • Measurement of data output
  • Up to 500 samples/sec
  • Up to 100 simultaneaous channels
  • EtherCAT slave In/Out RJ45

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