Electrical Power Analysers

An electrical power analyser is used to measure flow of power and energy within an electrical system. The Dewetron power analyser line has been specially developed to measure high precision, harmonics, current, high frequency and multiple power channels. The aim is to provide improved system performance, power quality, reduce costs and provide reliable power during system operation. It is fully compatible with many other instruments such as data logger and sensors.

The Power Analyser has extremely powerful software with easy installation, to allow for complex calculations, derive highly accurate power and total power measurements. The hardware is high frequency, up to 10 MHz/sec, 16 power channels, mixed signal analyser and multi-touch screen.

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Reliable electrical test equipment that doesn’t malfunction often can be difficult to find, however your search ends here, at Strain Sense we make sure all of our energy meters, along with all our other instruments, are of the highest quality meaning you can factor in less down time for your active operations.

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