Handheld Low Speed ≤ 100 Hz

Our range of low speed data loggers can be used to record up to 20 voltage and temperature inputs up to a sample rate of 100 Hz per channel. The voltage input range is from 20 mV to 100V in 12 steps and all thermocouple types can be connected. Current inputs can also be recorded by the use of external shunts.

Data can be recorded to internal RAM, an SD card or data recorded direct to a PC over USB or LAN. Data can be displayed on the built in TFT display screen. Data recording can be started and stopped manually or triggered by high, low or in window levels. The data loggers can be either mains powered or battery powered.

Recorded data can be replayed on a PC using time history charts with scalable axes, and can be exported in CSV format with time channel. The channel count can be expanded higher than with the use of extension terminal modules.