Power Analysis Software

Oxygen is the most comprehensive Data Acquisition & Analysis software available. As a bolt on package, the Power Option is available specifically for Power Analysis.

Many power system schematics are predefined including 1P2W, 3P3W, 3p3W and wide fundamental frequency range, harmonics and flicker. Analysis of 1 to 9 phase power systems.

Power parameters including phase RMS voltage and current, active power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor and fundamental frequency are measured. All parameters are measured on a cycle by cycle basis. This is based on continuous analysis of all zero crossings. All parameters are measured in the fundamental frequency and in total, i.e. including harmonics.

The Oxygen power analysis option can be used with any voltage and current input on a TRION data acquisition module. Voltage and current need to be sampled at the same rate.

All power data is presented in easy to view power instrument, phasor diagram and harmonics chart.

The advanced power option provides harmonics data up to the 1000th order, synchronised mechanical power measurement, i.e. speed * torque, automated efficiency mapping, and real time DQ analysis.

Market sectors include aerospace, automotive, motorsport, power and rail. Applications include electric vehicle test, wind farm test, motor-generator test.

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