Charge Mode Accelerometers

Essentially, the accelerometers are non-amplified which in turn means that the output is pC/g or Pico Coulombs per G. It is highly recommended that the cable runs are as short as possible to avoid interference, or use an inline signal conditioner such as the model 130 if in a high EMC/RFI area, but clearly the ambient temperature needs to be a main consideration.

All of the charge mode accelerometers feature full hermetic glass to metal seals to ensure zero ingress and excellent life extension. Packages come in through hole, adhesive, magnetic mount and varying low mass depending on the testing required. All can be provided with high grade, low noise cable assemblies.

We consider the main consideration to be temperature. In the temperature band beyond 160 Deg C, IEPE or integral electronics such not be used as the thermal errors are so large as to make the test results problematic. For any manufacturer, please ensure you look at the temperature error curves before purchasing.

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