Used to measure acceleration, probably the worlds largest selection of both piezoelectric accelerometer types charge mode and IEPE and DC accelerometers which work from 0 Hz and are relative to gravitational pull. Cable assemblies, mounting blocks, signal conditioners and amplifiers are readily available for both the piezoelectric accelerometers both charge mode and IEPE and the gravitational pull DC types.

Applications include Crash, Research & Development, Rail, Military/Aerospace, Automotive testing and Industrial applications.

Options include single axis accelerometers to trixial axis accelerometers with a wide range of supply voltages to measure acceleration.

All sensors incorporate the latest technologies whether this be the latest 6 inch wafer MEMs technology for the gravitational pull DC types, or shear mode clamping systems for the charge mode or IEPE piezoelectric accelerometers.

Incorporated brands include Measurement Specialties, TE Connectivity, IC Sensors, FGP, ATEX sensors and Entran.

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