Sound Pressure Level Module

Sound Pressure Level Module (Optional)

  • A-, B-, C-, D-, and Z-frequency weighting
  • Fast, slow and impulse time weighting
  • Reference level for air and water
  • Overall and interval logging

Product Description

The sound level plugin provides online determination of the time dependent sound pressure level, the energy equivalent sound pressure level, freely definable statistical sound pressure levels and many more.

This plugin turns your DAQ system into the ideal solution for analyzing the acoustical emission of machines, for determining the spatial and statistical sound pressure level distribution in buildings and for long-term noise monitoring.

OXYGEN’s sound level option can be used for determining the time dependent sound pressure level according to IEC 61672 and IEC 651. The following features are available:  

  • Frequency weighting: A-, B-, C-, D- or Z weighting
  • Time weighting: fast (125 ms), slow (1000 ms) or impulse (35 ms / 1500 ms)
  • Reference level p0 available for airborne sound (20 µPa) or water (1 µPa)
  • Energy equivalent sound pressure level L(A)eq
  • Time dependent sound pressure level
  • Minimum and maximum occurring sound pressure level
  • Statistical (percentile) sound pressure Levels
  • Above mentioned values can be determined for the entire measurement or block-wise per definable time interval
  • Raw frequency weighted sound pressure in original unit [Pa]
  • Noise exposure level L(A)Ex,8h and Nosie Dose D  


  • Statistical sound pressure level analysis
  • (Long term) sound monitoring
  • Sensor sensitivity can be entered manually or determined with calibrator
  • Sound pressure level determination for airborne sound and water
  • Interval-wise logged sound pressure levels 

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