PNA160 Pressure Sensor For High Radiation

Miniature pressure sensor

  • Ranges -1/+3 to 3-250 bar gauge, abs, sg
  • Output 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • Accuracy ±0.35% FS max
  • Operating from -40 to +125°C

Product Description

PNA161 has been designed to operate in applications involving high gamma radiations. Manufactured with the ruggedized EFE proprietary sensing technology, it has been tested with gamma doses above 1000kGy.

Its Wheatstone bridge which is sputtered on a metal diaphragm delivers an unamplified output which can be conditioned by standard amplifiers. We can set up PNA161 with our AMP320, a signal conditioning device, fully analogue and without any software or firmware, to deliver a 0-10V or 4-20mA output. We can also supply the adapted cable assembly adapted to environments with radiations.

Being all stainless steel, PNA161 is compatible with most of the fluids. Its small package and low mass make it very adapted to application where space is at a premium and generate less waste to be processed.

Its manufacturing process, including traceable controls and special burn-in, gives the best insurance of high performance and stability in the most challenging applications.


Product Features

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Product Applications

  • Energy / Nuclear

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