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Oxygen Data Acquisition Software

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Analyse data while recording
  • Range of instruments and analysis tools
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Product Description

Our intuitive and powerful Oxygen data acquisition and analysis software is included with all power analysers, and data acquisition systems. Oxygen provides unlimited installations for data viewing and analysis licence free.

Set up features include sensor configuration and sensor database, TEDS support, sample rate configurable by channel, continuous and event triggered high speed data recording, low speed statistics data recording, event markers, webcam integration and setup configuration lock.

Data display instruments include analogue and digital meters, recorder chart, scope, XY plot, GPS plot, power meter, spectrum analyser, spectrogram, intensity diagram, array chart, video player and audio player. Display screens are simple to set up using drag and drop, and multiple display screens can be created, as can display templates. Multiple monitors can be connected. 

The powerful 'DejaView' feature allows data to be reviewed during recording in Oxygen. Data files can also be viewed in the Oxygen Viewer whilst recording with full analysis capability. 

Standard analysis features are a maths, statistics and IIR / FIR filters library, FFT, frequency measurement, CPB analysis, strain gauge rosette, auto and cross correlation, cepstrum / quefrency and CSV import. Export features include timestamped data export in formats including CSV, Excel, TXT, Matlab and DAT, PDF report export and video file export.

Oxygen can be remotely controlled using SCPI over Ethernet to start and stop recording, load setups, transmit data. A Python library for remote controlling Oxygen via the SCPI interface is available, as is a Labview SCPI client. 

Bolt-on analysis options include power analysis, efficiency mapping, order analysis, sound level analysis, swept sine analysis, high speed synchronised video, networked recording. Bolt-on digital interface options include IMUs, MODBUS and OBD2. Data output options include CAN-OUT, XCP over Ethernet and Datastream. Oxygen is easily expandable with licence options and plugins to meet new acquisition and analysis requirements. 

Oxygen is available for both Windows and Linux installations. An Oxygen SDK is available for developer use.

A Python library for reading Oxygen DMD data files is available, as are a DMD reader and Matlab and Flexport import tools. 

There is continuous development of acquisition and analysis features to meet industry requirements. Full training and demonstrations available. Contact us for an online demonstration or site visit. 

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