Multichannel signal conditioner

Stand alone signal conditioning

  • 16 or 32 slot mainframes for DAQP signal conditioning modules
  • For control systems, A/D cards
  • Channel expansion for DEWETRON instruments
  • ±5 V or ±10 V output signals

Product Description

DEWE-30 series signal conditioning chassis are available for DEWETRON DAQP signal conditioning modules and offer a conditioned signal output of ±5 V or ±10 V on BNC sockets or on a multi-pin connector when dynamic isolated DAQP signal conditioning modules are installed. The chassis also have an EPAD interface for connection of XR low speed temperature / voltage / current modules. 

The multi-pin connector can be configured to match any A/D cards interface so that a 1:1 connection of the analog signals by a high quality cable is possible. Ideal for use with TRION-1802-dLV or TRION-1600-dLV AD cards where a matching cable is also available for plug and play use.

Standard power supply is 240V AC. There is an option for 11 to 32V DC use. 

A 19" rack mouting kit and carrying handles are optionally available. 

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