Modular smart interfaces overview


Modular smart interface

  • Multiple input versions
  • Temp, voltage, current, charge, IEPE
  • TEDS identification
  • Automatic detection

Product Description

Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI) bring an expanded level of flexibility to your DEWETRON measurement system. MSIs expand the functionality of many amplifier modules and enable you to use a bridge amplifier (e.g. DAQPSTG) for measuring also IEPE®, Thermocouple, Pt100 to Pt2000, charge or voltage up to 200 V. All MSI’s are the size of a SUB-D-9 housing, which contains the electronics as well as the sensor connector. The miniature electronics of each MSI sensor also contain an EEPROM, in which the identification and calibration data of the MSI are stored. Both are read automatically by the DEWESoft software and entered accordingly into the setup. As soon as the MSI is connected to a voltage or bridge amplifier module of DAQP or MDAQ series, DEWESoft software recognizes it and automatically modifies the amplifier setup - for example a voltage input is changed to IEPE® input - so that user errors are avoided and the correct scaling can be directly applied.

Product Features

Technical Datasheet

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Product Applications

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