Modal Analysis Module

Modal Analysis Module (Optional)

  • System excitation via modal hammer
  • SISO, SIMO and MIMO supported
  • Calculation of complex transfer function
  • Includes modal test screen

Product Description

Modal analysis is the study of the dynamic properties of systems in the frequency domain. It consists of mechanically exciting a studied component in such a way to target the mode shapes of the structure, and recording the vibration data with a network of sensors.

Oxygen’s modal test option analyses the frequency characteristics of a mechanical structure to determine resonances, damping characteristics and more. Applications include Device Under Test (DUT) excitement via modal hammer, Single Input Single Output (SISO) & Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) tests with moving hammer and moving sensor.

Easy to use setup includes configuring the input / response channels and an intuitive model editor with import tool for a custom test object. Output data includes calculation of complex transfer function, coherence of several hits and mode indicator function. It has various interactive visualization options and data export into *.uff and other formats for post processing.

Product Features

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