Miniature Current Transducer 30Apk to 6000Apk

Current transducer CWT Ultra Mini

  • Current ratings from 30Apk to 6000Apk
  • Extended (-3dB) bandwidth to 30MHz
  • Improved peak di/dt capabilities up to 70kA/μs
  • Coil length of 80mm

Product Description

The CWT Ultra-mini has an extremely thin, clip-around Rogowski coil of typically 1.6mm cross-section. Such a thin coil enables currents to be measured in the most difficult to reach parts of a power electronic converter with negligible disruption to the circuit under test. Peak current is from 30A to 6000A. Voltage output at peak current is 6V for all models. Applications include measuring switching electronic waveforms in power converters and measuring small AC currents in the presence of large DC currents. 

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