M72 Multi-Channel IEPE/Charge Signal Conditioner

  • 1,3 or 8 Channel options
  • Full Signal conditioning
  • Compact Design
  • TEDS Enabled

Product Description

These signal conditioners are designed for laboratory or bench-top use. With choices of single channel, 3 channel, or up to 8 channels, these versatile units can be used with IEPE. ICP® or Charge-mode (Pico Coulombs) sensors, selectable by a simple pushbutton. Optional IEEE 1451.4 TEDS sensor sensitivity control on some models.

With selectable gain control, high and low frequency filters and sensor type, by a simple pushbutton and LED indicator, these amplifiers are the perfect solution for your laboratory or stand-alone applications.

The M72B is a plug and play system with BNC connectors for your sensor input and output to your datalogger or acquisition device. Simple pushbuttons and LED indicators showing settings and status of the amplifier.

The M72A is also plug and play with the addition of an integrated display allowing the user to adjust the sensitivity of the transducer, or using the internal TEDS supported software the signal conditioner will automatically adjust to the individual sensor settings.

The bench-top 8 channel modular rack (M72R1/M72S1) has a USB interface in addition to the BNC input and output connectors. This allows settings to be controlled via the pushbuttons, or via a PC which can upload and download pre-set settings to each conditioner channel.


Product Features

Product Applications

  • Signal conditioning for dynamic measurement with piezoelectric sensors for acceleration, force and pressure or sound
  • Front-end with anti-aliasing filter for PC data acquisition systems
  • Mobile measuring systems
  • Multichannel measuring systems

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