M312 PC Based Vibration Measuring

  • Dual IEPE Input
  • 0.1 to 40kHz Bandwidth
  • Various Software Functions
  • USB Package Design

Product Description

The M312B USB signal conditioner is two-channel IEPE/ICP® input amplifiers with output via USB to bespoke analysis software on your computer system. Input connection via a convenient BNC connector, Fast-USB (USB-3) recommended, however communication works on all USB types.

The hardware is USB powered making it convenient and easy to connect with the M312B 0.1 to 40kHz bandwidth. No additional external power supply required.

These signal conditioners require software to acquire the data on the PC ordered separately to the hardware. There is a wide choice of software which covers analysis specialised for many applications. Acceleration (VM-METER), Velocity, FFT (VM-FFT), Body and hand vibration analysis (VM-BODY, VM-HAND), Structural analysis (VM-STRUC), basic oscilloscope, and advanced oscilloscope capability (VM-SCOPE, VM-SCOPE+).  Programmable low and high pass filtering, a live plot of the sensor response, and recording of the data for later analysis all available as options.

Software upgrades available free of charge once the system is purchased.

Model M302 is obsolete.

Product Features

Technical Resources
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Product Applications

  • Vibration measurement and diagnosis at rotating machinery 
  • Balancing in one or two planes
  • Building Vibration Measurement
  • Human Vibration Measurement
  • Production Quality Control
  • Laboratory Measurements
  • Mobile Application with Notebook PC

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