M29 M33 Conditioning Modules for Dynamic Measurements

  • Modular Stackable System
  • Amplification & Filtering
  • Sensor status LED
  • 4 Gain Ranges available

Product Description

The M29 and M33 signal conditioners allow for an easy, low-cost conversion from an IEPE / ICP® signal to voltage for use with Dataloggers that do not have an integrated IEPE input.

These modules can be used individually or can be stacked together using an ingenious removeable Ø4mm power connector between them. Power can be connected via the Ø4mm “banana” style sockets, or via a circular DC power connector. Able to operate at voltages between 5V and 28V these modules will connect to a variety of power sources, or can be supplied with an optional Mains adapter for arrays of up to 12 units.

The M29 is available with low or high pass filters set to your requirements and with a fixed 1:1 gain it could not be more simple to use, just plug and play. The M33 has selectable gain ranges x1, x10, x100, x1000 via a pushbutton, the gain ratio indicated by an LED. Also with LED indicators showing when the power is connected and displaying if there are any overloads or errors clearly visible to the user.

With the addition of a mounting bracket, the M29 and M33 modules are easy to fit, small in size and with the modular advantage you can configure IEPE to voltage signal conditioning for your application without any wasted or unused channels.

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Product Features

Technical Resources
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Product Applications

  • Signal conditioning for dynamic measurements with IEPE transducers for acceleration, force, pressure or IEPE microphones
  • M33 provides amplification and anti aliasing filtering for applications in data acquisition systems
  • High pass filtering and single or double integration for vibration velocity or displacement with M33
  • Multichannel systems
  • Suitable for industry, laboratory and field due to compact design and wide supply voltage range

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