M208 Multi-Channel IEPE Signal Conditioner

  • 8 Channel Rack mounted
  • Full Signal conditioning
  • Compact Design
  • IEEE 1451.4 TEDS Enabled

Product Description

19 inch rack mountable 8 channel signal conditioners with a slim 1U panel allowing for a space saving compact IEPE / ICP® to voltage convertion. With the addition of a shallow depth and lightweight design, there is plenty of room behind the conditioner when rack mounted or ample desk space around it when used on a bench.

These signal conditioners are available with a wide frequency response from 0.1Hz to 100kHz and programmable gain control from 0.1 to 1000 gain ratio. A clear display and convenient push-button controls allow for a plug and play unit with intuitive software that you can set your channels with, or you can select to import the IEEE 1451.4 TEDS data from the sensors. Compatible with vibration accelerometers, IEPE force sensors, and IEPE microphones.

Programmable features such as RMS or Peak values,  low pass and high pass filters makes it perfect for use for Vibration monitoring across many industries. The M208A also features relay output to your PLC or control unit which can trigger an event based on thresholds programmed into the conditioner software. Stackable PC control software that can manage up to 8 units / 64 channels via convenient daisy-chain serial interface or remotely manage the system via ethernet.

These 8 channel signal conditioners have everything you need to set up a lab, factory, or on-site signal conditioning unit making it a versatile and low-cost multi-channel solution.


Product Features

Technical Resources
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Product Applications

  • Signal conditioning in laboratory or field with IEPE compatible piezoelectric sensors for acceleration, force or pressure and IEPE microphones
  • Front end for PC based data acquisition systems
  • Measurement and display of RMS and peak values*
  • Vibration monitoring with relay output*
  • Remote measurement via Ethernet interface and browser*

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