IEPE100 Charge to IEPE Converter

  • Converts Charge to IEPE signal
  • In Line Mounting
  • Long distance Signal Transmission
  • 3 Gain Ranges

Product Description

The IEPE100 Charge Converter is used to convert Charge output Accelerometers to an IEPE Signal. Charge output Accelerometers are often used in high temperature environments and this device allows the easy conversion from Charge (pico Coulombs) to IEPE. Placing the circuitry away from the sensor but allowing the use of any data acquisition system that accepts the IEPE or ICP® signals.

The IEPE100 has 3 gain ranges selectable by internal DIP switches selectable between  0.1 mV/pC, 1mV/pC & 10 mV/pC. Placing this handy converter in-line near the accelerometer allows for the long-distance transmission of signal that the IEPE 0-20mA signal is so well known for, whilst keeping the signal to noise ratio at a minimum.



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