MDM490 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Industrial differential pressure transmitter

  • Ranges 0-350 mbar to 0-35 bar
  • Outputs 4-20 mA or voltage
  • Accuracy ±0.5% FS
  • All laser welded construction

Product Description

The MDM490 uses a piezoresistive sensing element, isolated from the pressure media by stainless steel diaphragms and silicone oil.

When the measured differential pressure is added on the two diaphragms, the pressure could be transferred onto the die through silicon oil. The sensor die connects with an amplifier circuit through wires, uses the semiconductor's piezoresistive effect to transform the differential pressure signal into the electric signal. Since the signal output of the Wheatstone bridge on the die has a good linear relationship with the differential pressure, the differential pressure can be accurately measured.

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Product Features

Technical Resources
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Product Applications

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Electricity / Power Generation
  • Hydrology

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