I1B0B10A DC constant current sensor

1500A DC constant current sensor

  • Range +/- 1500A
  • Supply 5-10 VDC
  • Output 1800 mV/V typical
  • Accuracy 1.5% full scale

Product Description

If a current flows through a Hall sensor and is brought into a magnetic field perpendicular to this, the sensor provides an output voltage that is proportional to the product of magnetic field strength and current. The Hall sensor also provides a signal when the magnetic field is constant. As a result, direct currents can also be measured. The measured output signal of the Hall sensor is directly proportional to the current that flows through the conductor. In order to meet the tough requirements in the test, the mechanical construction has been designed as folding mechanism. The design has been optimized by letting the sensor open easily; however, it remains firmly closed in the closed state.

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