EL20 seat belt load cell


Seat belt load cell, low mass titanium

  • Ranges from 5 to 25 kN
  • Output mV/V
  • Accuracy 0.5% to 3% full scale
  • Ultra low mass titanium

Product Description

The model EL20-S458 provides a super low mass titanium structure to minimize F=MA errors during the crash event. All exterior surfaces are smoothed to prevent snagging on dummy or air bag materials; smoothed exterior profiles protect your expensive crash test dummy from damage while reducing drag and frictional error.

The EL20-S458 is offered with optional ultra low mass slotted titanium axles and robust armoured cable exit from the device. The user-replaceable cable ensures that even if your cabling is damaged, replacement cables can be rapidly wired and your test facility remains in full operation at all times.

The low noise Wheatstone bridge consists of metal foil strain gages which provide full scale outputs of typically 2 mV/V of excitation. The EL20-S458 is also available with internal linearization (Option B) to provide +/- 0.5% FS maximum non-linearity. Option D provides linearization and high level output of 0.5 to 4.5 V. The EL20-S458 can be configured with a variety of options to fine tune the instrument to your application: select from several standard compensated temperature ranges, slotted or knurled axles, input voltages, lead lengths or specify unique combinations of these options. The EL20-S458 belt tension load cell can be fine-tuned to meet your crash test or military test needs.

Product Features

Technical Datasheet

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Product Applications

Automotive crash testMilitary payload deliverySport and military parachute tether loadsAutomatic reserve chute deployment systems

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