DC current probe 2 kA to 40 kA

Current Transducer DCflex

  • Peak current 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 kA
  • Full scale output 2V
  • Calibrated accuracy 0.4% of reading
  • Battery powered display

Product Description

The DCflex current probe is an easy to use, economical, clip around DC current probe. It is suitable for measuring large DC currents of 2 kA and greater. Applications include smelting plants, cathodic protection, hydro generation, DC connection buses between large numbers of users. The current transducer is thin, flexible and available as a 1 or 2 metre coil. It clips around the test object to make the current measurement. Typical accuracy +/-1% is intrinsically safe and galvanically isolated. The current sensor is provided with a UKAS calibration certificate as standard. The integrator and display is battery powered 4 x AA with an additional socket for external 12-24V DC input. Display 1.999V maximum output.

Product Features

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