Current transformer replacement 500A to 16000A

Current transducer RCT1A

  • Available rated current: 500A to 16000A
  • Full scale rate output: 1A RMS
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) 0.6Hz to 5kHz
  • Cable length: 1m or 2.5m

Product Description

The RCT1A is a flexible, clip-around, current transformer replacement with a 1A output. The RCT1A is a genuine Current Transformer (CT) replacement but has all the intrinsic benefits of a thin, light-weight,flexible, clip-around Rogowski (sense) coil. Just like a CT the RCT1A secondary output is an industry standard 0 to 1A (5VA pf 1) instantaneous current proportional to the measured primary current.

Typically the RCT1A is used with power, current and power quality meters and is an ideal replacement for CTs in retrofit applications to avoid plant shutdown, applications with limited space for installation and particularly where existing monitoring equipment designed for a 0 to 1A CT input is installed. Rated current is from 500A to 50000A RMS. Standard coil lengths are 300, 500 and 700mm with standard cable lengths of 1m or 2.5m. 

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