Current Transducer 30A to 300kA

Current Transducer CWT Mini and Mini HF

  • Bandwidth to 30MHz
  • Peak-current ratings from 30A to 300kA
  • Peak di/dt capability up to 100kA/μs
  • 4.5mm thick Rogowski coil

Product Description

The CWT Mini and CWT Mini HF are novel electrostatic shielded Rogowski coils providing excellent immunity to interference from fast local dV/dt transients or large 50/60Hz voltages. With peak current measurement from 30A to 30 kA, standard coil sizes of 100 or 200mm, and standard cable lengths of 1, 2.5 or 4m, the CWT Mini and Mini HF are ideal for installation where space is limted. Standard voltage output at peak current for all models is 6V.

Applications include semiconductor switching waveforms analysis and power converter development and diagnostics. 

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