Current transducer 250A to 50kA

RCTi-3ph wide band current transducer

  • Rated current (rms): 250A to 50000A
  • Full scale rated output: 5V rms
  • Bandwidth: 0.6Hz to 1MHz
  • Cable Length: 1m or 2.5m

Product Description

The RCTi-3ph  is a current transducer for permanent installation for measuring current on 3 phases. Simple to install and easy to retrofit, the Rogowski (sense) coil is thin, lightweight, flexible and clip-around. The secondary output from the transducer is an instantaneous voltage proportional to the measured primary current providing an accurate, low cost, wide-band measurement of the primary current.

Rated current is from 250A to 50000A RMS. Standard output is 5V RMS for all measurement ranges. Standard coil lengths are 300, 500 and 700mm with standard cable lengths of 1m or 2.5m. 

The RCTi-3ph is typically used with power and harmonic meters and analysers, current meters, oscilloscopes, data-loggers, data acquisition cards, and in power quality applications.

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