Current clamp power supply

  • 8 current sensor channels
  • +/-15V DC and 9V DC supplies
  • 150W power supply
  • 11 to 32V DC input

Product Description

The DW2-CLAMP-DC-POWER-8 is an external power supply box for up to 8 current clamps. The power supply voltage for each channel is +/-15V DC (bipolar) and 9VDC. The maximum total output power is 150W. The maximum output current on each channel is 1.5A and in total is 5A. The current clamp power supply connector type is Lemo 1S. 

The power supply can be used with DEWE3 data acquisition systems in mobile applications or in a test cell or laboratory environment. It can be powered either from an external DC supply or an UPS battery pack. An external 100 to 240V AC to 24V DC, 350 W power adapter is included. 

Fixing aids are included to attach the power supply to the DEWE3-A4 chassis. As a complete system it can be used with the DW2-UPS-250-DC external UPS. 

The DW2-CLAMP-DC-POWER-8 is ideal for on-vehicle test of electric vehicles. This provides capability for the DAQ system and current clamps to operate independently of the vehicle. 


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