Power Analyzers

With the evolution of battery technology and electric and hybrid drivetrain technologies, power analysis has come to the forefront of development needs.

Dewetron DEWE2-PA7 Precision Mixed Signal Power Analyser

Introducing the Dewetron DEWE2-PA7 Precision Mixed Signal Power Analyser. The DEWE2-PA7 enables analysis of polyphase EVs and engine behavior with a single system, and a guaranteed basic accuracy of 0.01%. The system is capable of simultaneous analysis of several motors, converters or complete drivetrains – up to 12 power channels, with 1000V RMS range and 20A direct current inputs.

It is also the only power analyser with the capability to calculate power parameters, even polyphase motors, up to nine phases per power group. The DEWE2-PA7 combines waveform data, mixed signal and power analysis, while providing reliable, gapless recording of any analog or digital signal including torque, speed, CAN, thermocouples, and high-performance power calculation of several power groups simultaneously as well as harmonics analysis.

Up to 2 MS/s/ch and high dynamic range guarantee data integrity. Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWE2-PA7 high accuracy power analyser into automation systems and testbed environments while guaranteeing reliable data transmission, easy-to-use remote control and configuration through TCP/IP-based protocols in compliance with standardized protocols such as XCP, EtherCAT, ASAM and file formats.

The DEWE2-PA7 high accuracy power analyser can be demonstrated with a working inverter-motor unit to demonstrate real time power calculations and the user interface on a desktop, and it can also be connected to an operational test rig to take real measurements and benchmark accuracy and performance.

Dewetron DEWE2-PA7 Features

  • Future proof and expandable
  • Up to 12 Power Channels
  • Ultra-accuracy and High Bandwidth
  • Hugely Intuitive User Interface
  • Digital Interfaces for Rig Integration