New Range of MEMs based Inclinometers/Tilt Sensors

We are pleased to release a brand-new range of Inclinometers…

New Range of MEMs Inclinometers & Tilt Sensors

We are pleased to release a brand-new range of Inclinometers for Industrial and Research & Development based applications.

The series is broken into 4 basic series LCA, HCA, ACA and the SCA offering various levels of accuracy, stability and package style.

Current outputs (4-20mA) can be used for long transmissions up to 2000 metres. Analogue outputs are most common having 0-5, 0-10V, 0.5-4.5V or even +/-5 or 10V. Digital output version are available such as RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, TTL, PWM and CAN series which includes CANopen.

The standard inclinometer range measures +/-10 to +/-180 degrees (full 360-degree rotation) however, on request we can accommodate very low ranges, or special range requirements such as +/-1 degree.

In general, most Inclinometers are mounted horizontally to measure either X or Y axis. We can accommodate a vertically mounted sensor to measure Z axis in either single or dual axis.

The Inclinometer family is being increased to include dynamic inclinometers for higher frequency measurements and Gyros. If you have an interest, please contact us with your unique design requirements.

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Inclinometer Tilt Sensor Features

  • Single & Dual Axis Measurements
  • Analogue, Current, Digital Outputs Available
  • Also known as ‘tilt sensors’, ‘inclinometers’ or ‘pitch & roll indicators’