Linear Potentiometers go ‘Plug & Play’

Introducing amplified outputs for linear potentiometers…

StrainSense are proud to introduce a unique range of linear position sensors with built-in amplifiers within the standard size housings offering optional 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC and 0-10 VDC outputs. This compliments the readily available potentiometric output option.

The amplifiers are both short circuit and reverse polarity protected as standard and come fully configured as a Plug and Play device, ready to use without any set-up or adjustment.

These options are ideal for use in industrial or structural applications where direct connection into a PLC or similar control device is desired.

  • The MS-13 is a 13mm diameter compact linear potentiometer with stroke range options of 0-25mm to 0-200mm. [Download Datasheet]
  • The MS-15 is a 15mm square housed design with ranges 0-100mm to 0-250mm. [Download Datasheet]
  • The robust MS-19 is a 19mm diameter linear potentiometer with measurement range options of 0-25mm to 0-450mm is designed specifically for demanding applications. [Download Datasheet]

Not all linear potentiometers are the same. The entire series always includes our unique cat claw wiper systems to entire smooth travel and ultimate vibration resistance ensuring a long, trouble free life.

Custom design solutions for specific applications are readily available.

Linear Potentiometer Features

  • Common form of measuring device for linear position.
  • Used for a broad range of applications
  • 4-20mA Output Ranges (Front or Rear Cable Exits)