DEWETRON is proud to introduce the new product TRIONet, a compact test and measurement solution that enables synchronous high-speed data acquisition across great distances and distributed locations. It communicates via Ethernet or USB-bus and is operable intuitively with the award-winning software OXYGEN.

The compact, distributable TRIONet accepts any two of the company’s multi-channel TRION series plug-in modules. The TRIONet connects to any Windows computer via either USB or Ethernet – and TRIONet mainframes can be interconnected using Ethernet.

Because of the Ethernet interface, TRIONet mainframes can be placed up to 100 meters apart from each other. Synchronization is achieved via a separate Ethernet type cable that runs between mainframes, and the timing system within each chassis assures that data is perfectly aligned from chassis to chassis, even when the systems are separated by up to 100 meters. Ultra-quiet, temperature controlled internal fans keep the system cool and hardly make any noise. This is especially important when doing acoustic measurements.

A wide range 9 to 36 VDC power input allows TRIONet to be operated from vehicle power. In addition, a worldwide compatible AC/DC adapter is included with each mainframe for operation from regular AC mains.

A small touchscreen color display shows the status, IP address, and health of the mainframe at all times, and allows basic local mainframe setup, if desired. Simply install the included OXYGEN software, connect via USB 3.0, USB 2.0, or Ethernet, and start measuring.

TRIONet is already winner of the “NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Month January 2016” award.

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