Input Modules

Our multi-channel signal conditioning modules provide separate A/D conversion on each channel and up to 24-bit resolution with anti-aliasing filters. Perfect simultaneous sampling for all analogue input modules. There is absolute flexibility with the user-exchangeable TRION3 & TRION modules – just insert them in your suitable DEWETRON DAQ system. All types of inputs can be measured including low voltage, high voltage, current, bridge (full / half / quarter), IEPE / piezo-electric, resistance, counter / encoder, digital IO and temperature, as well as CAN bus, GPS, ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553. There are two module series: The highspeed TRION3 modules are only compatible with the DEWE3 chassis, whilst TRION modules can be used in both, DEWE3 and DEWE2 chassis.