Data Acquisition

Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals measuring real world physical parameters and storing the signals as digital numeric values that can be viewed and analysed on a computer. A data acquisition system is often abbreviated as DAQ or DAS. A Data acquisition system consists of sensors, signal conditioning circuitry including filters and isolation, analogue to digital converters and data storage, and may also include visual displays. StrainSense provide modular data acquisition systems for laboratory and mobile applications, and power analysers for electrical power measurement. All DAQ hardware systems consist of chassis and modules. Input modules are available for voltage, high voltage, current, bridge, IEPE, resistance, counter, digital IO and GPS signals and databuses including CAN, ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553. USB, LAN and high speed video cameras can also be integrated. Systems are available with or without a built-in display. All systems are supplied with intuitive, easy to use, powerful analysis software, and we provide hardware and software training. Modular signal conditioning and data loggers are also supplied.