Dewetron Introduces the new NItrogen software

NItrogen is a new software framework that enables you to create tailor-made software solutions that meet 100% of your requirements easier, faster and more economic than ever.

NItrogen is written in National Instruments LabVIEW and therefore dedicated to the community of LabVIEW programmers.

This package contains the LabVIEW source code, it is the blank workpiece that just waits to be optimized for your application!

Start your tests and measurements instantly, without any programming.  Add, alter or remove features just as you like.  Integrate and re-use your own existing LabVIEW source code or parts thereof and stay compliant to your existing data evaluation, filtering, triggering, post processing or report generation.  Maintain the source code by yourself andremain future proof and independent. Keep fullcontrol on your software project!
With NItrogen embedded you can start your SW development based on an already working software, just add your specific requirement.