Our comprehensive range of LVDT sensors

LVDT’s offer a frictionless non contact solution to linear position measurements.  Linear Variable Differential Transformers covering +/-0.6 to +/-250mm are supplied in a variety of packaging to suit challenging environments. Hermetically sealed stainless steel housings are available with up to IP68 with connectors.  These displacement sensors are typically used in position feed-back and monitoring systems.

Our position product overview is available to download.



Environmental temperatures of -20 to + 200C  can be withstood continuously by the MHR-T Series LVDT, this combined with lightweight cores ensures that the unit can be reliably used for high velocity oscillating measurements.  Measurement ranges of +/-0.6 to +/-25mm are available in unusually short packaging.

The +/-2.5mm stroke unit is currently available from stock.



The rugged range of PCA-375 Gauge Heads have a small diameter of just 9.5mm and sealing to IP66 to offer protection from cutting fluids and other contamination.  Applications include inspection systems, process control with measurement ranges -of +/-2.5 to 25mm.