New Marketing Leading Ultra Low Noise DC Accelerometers With Micro-g Resolution

Introducing a new market leading family of ultra low noise single and triaxial DC accelerometers offering micro-g resolution (96dB).

Features include fully hermetically sealed connectors for zero water ingress, auto zero function, ranges from +/-2g to  +/-200g, wide bandwidth DC to 1500 Hz with built in mechanical overload stops for shock protection to 5000g and designed to survive the most demanding environmental test conditions.

Don’t miss those subtle nuances that may well be missed by other DC accelerometers, whether it be tiny movements on a spacecraft or monitoring on precision optical systems. Lower your noise floor to see what you really want or need to see.

This family adds to the already extensive range of variable capacitance sensors, critically damped, IEPE and charge mode AC ranges, MEM’s, low cost & digital output accelerometers and full range of accessories including amplifiers, instrumentation, low noise cables and mounting blocks