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Offering a customisable and bespoke service…

Custom Sensor Design

We have a long history in designing and supplying custom sensors for customers who cannot make use of standard sensors within our range.

60+ Years Experience

StrainSense have a combined 60 years experience of supplying strain gauges, sensors and instrumentation, to the research, development, test and production fields

Bespoke Services

We can design sensors whether it be an accelerometer, torque sensor, force sensor, pressure sensor, position sensor or instrument that need adapting or customizing.

Sensor Application Support & Advice

We do not claim to know everything, but between our degree qualified engineers’ we have come across a lot of unusual applications and design requirements not only for Test & Measurement applications but also OEM designs. If we cannot help you from our product portfolio, we will make the effort to suggest someone who can help you. We like a challenge, just contact us with your application.

  • Quick Turn Around Time

    Give us a call and we will give you immediate feedback. We aim to answer all queries within 24 hours.

  • Affordable

    Budgets are important. We do explain what can or cannot be achieved based on your budget.

If you need help writing a specification for tender purposes, we are here to help. In the past we have helped write sensor, systems and test rig specifications which outline the technical and performance requirements. This is not restricted to sensors, but also includes Data Acquisition or the complete solution needed.

Sensor Customisation

We focus on principles that can design custom solutions to make your application work. This can be simple cable modifications to complete new design packages for Space, Motorsport, Automotive testing, Road Load Data, Civil/Structural, Geotechnical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Flight Testing.. the list is comprehensive!

  • Affordable Design

    It doesn’t matter if your are Research & Development or an OEM .. likely we have an appropriate solution

  • Affordable Solutions

    We can give suggestions on how to financially optimise your project whether this be alternative approaches or better technical solutions.

About Us

Our Services…

For many years, StrainSense has been a trusted and reliable supplier of specialist sensors and instrumentation products. We supply quality sensors for Vibration, Acceleration, Shock, Strain, Pressure, Position, Force, Instrumentation, Tilt/Inclination and Torque for both static and dynamic applications.

We also supply the latest data acquisition equipment enabling you to satisfy all your sensor requirements in one place. We have a wealth of experience in the Automotive, Crash Test, Flight Test & Military, Aerospace, Space & Satellite, Subsea, Rail, General Test & Measurement and Education markets and we supply both off the shelf and bespoke products.

The Company enjoys a reputation for the supply of quality products to current ISO 9001 standards and is highly regarded for its product range of electromechanical devices:

The Company enjoys a reputation for the supply of quality products to ISO 9001 standards and is highly regarded for its product range of electromechanical devices.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers waiting to help you.

Contact us now and make StrainSense your partner for all your sensor requirements.

  • Strain Gauges

  • Accelerometers

  • Pressure Transducers

  • Vibration Sensors

  • Force Measurement

  • Position Measurement

  • Torque Measurement

  • High Temperature Gauges

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