Torque Transducers

Range of high quality torque transducers from Strainsense including Contactless Rotary, Dynamic Rotary and Reaction. Contact us today for more information on our extensive range.

  1. Contactless Rotary

    For high speed and long life applications the contactless sensors have short distance telemetry to transmit the strain data from the rotor to the stator.

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  2. Dynamic Rotary

    Sensors suitable for medium duty applications where cost is important, using slip-rings to transmit the torque signal to the housing.

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  3. Reaction

    Sensors to measure torque where there is no significant rotation during loading.

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  1. Torque/Speed/Velocity for Steering Wheel

    Torque/Speed/Velocity for Steering Wheel

    Model: FCA7300
    • 2 Torques, 2 Angles, 1 Angular velocity
    • Built-in shut calibration function
    • Steer ability maintained at rupture
    • Unique remote data acquisition


    Torque/Speed/Velocity for Steering Wheel

    The FCA7300 steering wheels sensors are designed for automotive testing and provide an “all-in” measurement.
    This generation of transducers incorporates numerous technological functions, such as:

    • Angle reset, torque calibration
    • A Start trigger signal to the remote data acquisition system.
    • Optical coder processing to prevent the need for external TTL electronics
    • Five simultaneous analogue output signals
    • Suppression of the bearing friction influence on torque, allowing high accuracy for low torque measurements
    • Low profile design retains the same driving conditions as with standard steering wheels. The sensor assembly can be operated:

             -The sensor can be screwed on shaft, see drawing page 3.
             - Easily mounted on any road vehicle by optional flanges, please consult factory.

    • Optional steering stops adjustable between ±15° to±165° are available. These stops fold automatically for safety.

    Our Technical Sales Team is available to help with the selection of our Torque/Speed/Velocity for Steering Wheel and Data Acquisition Systems. Use the enquiry button, call or email.