Analog Pressure Transmitter

Analog Pressure Transmitter
  • 0-100mbar to 0-1000bar g or a
  • -40° to 125°C range
  • Votage or analogue output
  • Accuracy 0.25%
  • Stainless steel or titanium

The ATM ECO is the entry level general industrial/OEM sensor where quality and long term use is essential. Made from 316L grade stainless steel or titanium as an option, the sensor is designed 0.25% accuracy and suitable to 125 deg C. Measuring ranges go as low as 0-100mbar to 0-1000bar in either gauge or absolute pressure reference.The sensor incorporates a piezoresistive measuring element. Reverse polarity and short circuit protected with high EMV stability. Special designs available on request.

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