Rate & Inertial Sensors

Inertial navigation systems and sensors for use in demanding applications, such as aerospace and marine navigation and control, underwater gyrocompassing for submarines, ROV, AUV, oil drilling systems and others. Browse our online catalogue or call us for more information.

  1. Angular Rate / Gyro

    Ranges of angular rate sensors for measurements of rotation from ±50 to ±24,000°/sec. Single and triaxial units are available with analog and digital outputs. Angular rate sensors are typically used in rapid rotation applications such as automotive crash testing, aerospace testing, pedestrian impact, rollover testing, motorsports and biomechanics. A gyro (gyroscope) is a device typically used for measuring or maintaining orientation, eg platform stability, biomechanics and robotic systems. Six degree of freedom measurements (6-DOF) are used to monitor both angular rotation and acceleration in three axes at the same time.

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  2. Inertial Accelerometers

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