Depth & Level Pressure Measurement Sensors

Submersible level sensors for liquid level pressure sensor measurement.

  1. Corrosive Media and Seawater Depth & Level Pressure Sensors

    Corrosive Media and Seawater Depth & Level Pressure Sensors

    Depth & level pressure sensors. Protected to withstand corrosive medias such as seawater.

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  2. Digital Output SDI-12 / RS-485 / RS-232

    Digital Output SDI-12 / RS-485 / RS-232

    Pressure transducers with either RS-485, RS-232 or SDI-12 interface with slimline and corrosion options.

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  3. General and OEM

    General and OEM

    OEM design to fit into tanks for level measurement including Diesel.

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  4. Hazardous Area Approved

    Hazardous Area Approved

    Pressure transducers with Atex approval, varying accuracy options and cable lengths available.

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  5. Marine Approved

    Marine Approved

    Water, diesel, waste water level measurement, Lloyds approved.

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  6. Pressure and Temperature

    Pressure and Temperature

    Combined output versions to display pressure and temperature measurements in a single sensor unit.

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  7. Slimline Borehole < 19mm

    Slimline Borehole < 19mm

    Pressure transducers for depth & level measurement. Slimline designed to fit into a 1 inch bore.

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