OEM Fully Packaged Pressure Sensors

Plug and play packaged Pressure sensors. Options on threads, output, supply & electrical designed for general and OEM volume use.

  1. Differential Pressure

    Suitable for either OEM or Test & Measurement use on gas or liquids. These are threaded unit starting from 0-1 PSI or 0-70mBar differential pressure. Output options include 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V as standard.

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  2. Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage, Diary applications demand flush diaphragms, triclover fittings or sanitary process connections. This selection starts from 100mBar to 1000 Bar with temperature ability to 300 Deg C operation. Special fluid fills are available on some products.

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  3. Hazardous Area Approved

    ATEX approved for use in Hazardous areas.

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  4. Industrial >0.15% accuracy

    Higher accuracy OEM types, gauge or absolute pressure.

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  5. Industrial <0.15% accuracy

    General industrial pressure transducers or transmitter configurable from data sheets.

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  6. Low pressure pascal range

    Ultra low pressure sensors mainly aimed at HVAC or refrigeration market for gas flume or similar applications. Ranges start from 0-50 pascals and upwards, offer voltage or 4-20mA in bi-directional or uni-directional format.

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