LTC - Linear Potentiometer

LTC - Linear Potentiometer
  • Twin bearing actuating rod
  • Square body ( rod diameter 6mm )
  • Maximum angular movement up to ±30°
  • Potentiometric measuring stroke up to 500 mm

LTC is built  easy mounting by double pivot heads.The only di ff  e r e  n c e    f r om the LTP series is the square frame body. It’s a high precision potentiomet ric industrial linear motion transducer with a long lasting conductive track suitable for absolute position measuring in control and Measureme nt applications. Designed for the direct, absolute measurement of displacement or angle in control regulation and measuring applications.

Mechanical f ixing and self-aligning linkage using 2 ball joints. Maximum angular movement angle is up to ± 30°

High resoluti on (0.01 mm) combined with a stroke length of up to 750 mm permits the accurate measurement of linear displacement.

Absolute measurement of displacement
Resolution 0,01mm
Very long life up to 100 million movements
High operating speed 5 m/s

Excellent linearity %0,2Our Technical Sales Team is available to help with the selection of our LTC - Linear Potentiometer and Data Acquisition Systems. Use the enquiry button, call or email.


LTC Series Potentiometric Linear Transducers
are mainly used in :

  •  Press Brake Machines
  • Marble Machines
  • Tension Control
  • Horizontal Band Saw Machines
  • Transfer Machines
  • Hydraulic Machines
  • Sheet Metal Working Machines
  • Bending Presses
  • Textile Machines