Pressure Sensors ATEX - Intrinsically Safe

Pressure Sensors specifically ATEX approved for hazardous area use within multiple application areas including OEM, food & beverage, level measurement and have feature options of programmable, turndown ability and very low pressures measurement.

  1. Food & Beverage

    Sanitary, dairy, food and beverage grade process connections and special oil fill options.

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  2. General Industrial

    General Industrial covers OEM, volume requirements to special designs. Beyond the normal 4-20mA output we can also offer 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-6V, 0.5-5.5V options.

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  3. Low Pressure

    Specialist low pressures from 70 mBar (1 psi) and options for adjustments on zero & span.

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  4. Programmable

    Programable 4-20mA sensors with ATEX approvals.

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  5. Turndown Capable

    Industrial Transmitters with adjustable zero and span making them a very flexible product to have for test & measurement applications and high overpressure requirements.

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